Litigation success by competence.

Lawfirm for commercial disputes

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Commercial Disputes

Enforcement of business claims and defence against unjustified claims.

Corporate Litigation

Advice and legal representation in corporate law disputes – Corporate Litigation.


Legal representation in arbitration (e.g., DIS e.V., ICC), adjudication and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Claim Enforcement

Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of claims including foreclosure.


Services by legal fields of practice

The challenges in legal interactions are becoming more and more complex. Reliable advice from a lawyer therefore requires a restriction to individual areas of expertise. At the beginning of a client inquiry, there must always be an examination whether the professional orientation of the lawfirm is able to provide competent services. Clients are only in good hands if this can be guaranteed.


Services by industry

Litigation is not only about legal issues. The procedural strategy must always keep an eye on the commercial perspective. This includes recognizing the needs of clients and to understand the economic context of the clients’ business. Due to his many years of practice as a business lawyer, Dr. Thiele knows the challenges of certain industries particularly well.


Legal advice and representation from one source

The philosophy of this law office is based on providing legal services at the highest level of service and quality. When advising and representing his clients, Dr. Thiele focuses on meeting their needs and achieving efficient solutions.

In contrast to larger entities, clients of Dr. Thiele will be exclusively advised and represented by the experienced litigator himself. Thus, Dr. Thiele’s legal practice is able to merge the flexibility of a small entity with the consulting standards of a large law firm.


Court representation of a well-known thermostat producer in an independent evidence proceeding and subsequent main proceeding in order to defend client against alleged warranty claims with regard to a cooling system in an administration building of a large bank

Advice and court representation of a joint stock company with regard to the enforcement of claims for damages in the amount of EUR 12 mio. against former supervisory board members

Advising and defending a client in a DIS arbitration against alleged warranty claims in an offshore windfarm project regarding an ICCP corrosion protection system (value of dispute: approx. EUR 6,400,000.00)

Advising and representing a food manufacturer (meat segment) in a lawsuit against a packaging supplier concerning claims for damages

Arranging seizure orders against former directors of a shipyard with regard to 7-digit claims for damages

Advising and representation of a solar module manufacturer in an ICC arbitration against an Indian supplier (warranty claims / claims for damages of an 8-digit EUR amount)