Commercial and civil law disputes

Dr. Thiele’s legal practice is focused on the advice and legal representation of clients in commercial and civil law disputes (nationwide). This comprises court actions, but also the pre-litigation stage, where it should be considered whether a judicial conflict can amicably be avoided.

Dr. Thiele represents his clients not only in disputes before state courts, but also in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, like arbitration proceedings, mediation, conciliatory proceedings and other ADR instruments. Besides the client representation, Dr. Thiele may also be involved as an arbitrator, for example in ICC, DIS, ad hoc or adjudication proceedings.

In individual cases, our practice also advises with regard to contract negotiations and contract design: by involving an experienced litigator, implementing unfair contractual provisions or those likely to cause conflict can be avoided in advance.

  • Client representation in business related disputes

  • Commercial disputes

  • Insurance related disputes

  • Claim enforcement

  • Contesting shareholders’ resolutions

  • D&O liability

  • Loan agreements and bank guarantees

  • Trials by documents

  • Corporate Litigation

  • Redemption of shares

  • Enforcement of and defence against product liability

  • Client representation in independent evidence proceedings

  • Attachment proceedings

  • Disputes in construction projects

  • Post M&A disputes

  • Disputes in supply chains

  • Client representation in arbitration proceedings

  • Claims for damages of investors (enforcement and defence)

  • Actions for rescissions (enforcement and defence)

  • Claim management in pre-insolvency stages

  • Acting as an Arbitrator in ADR proceedings

  • Enforcement of and defence against claims for damages


Advising an MDAX company in 3 different investment brochure liability matters against a large number of investors (photovoltaic segment).

Advising and court representation of a lawyer in dispute with former partners in the context of purchase claims for shares and remuneration for services.

Defence against asserted claims for damages in a post-M&A court dispute.

Judicial representation of a bank in a lawsuit to enforce bank guarantee claims (7-digit EUR amount).

Enforcement of a purchase price claim of a leading thermostat producer against B2B customer in the amount of more than EUR 500,000.00.

Defending a steel manufacturer in a lawsuit against a EUR 1.5 million bank guarantee claim.

Advising and defending a client in a DIS arbitration against alleged warranty claims in an offshore windfarm project regarding an ICCP corrosion protection system (value of dispute: approx. EUR 6,400,000.00).

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